Your Creative & Pragmatic Marketing Partners

We are an experienced B2B marketing team built to make business growth simple by combining quality creative content with marketing strategies that work.

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We created Present Works to bring dynamism and ingenuity to B2B marketing communication.

We combine a pragmatic approach to marketing with a creative mindset to help you make smarter decisions that drive results.

By working with us you gain a true, independent partner, and access to a team of content strategists and multi-format creators who can take your output to the next level.

We Start With Pragmatism

If you spend money on marketing, you want to see a return. We get to grips with your business challenges upfront, then put a clear plan in place to prioritise the activity that will really make an impact.

Integrity Throughout

We only suggest activity that we believe will truly benefit our clients, and if things aren’t working as we would like, we’ll tell you. The best relationships are built on trust, and this can only be earned by acting with integrity.

Naturally Curious

As a team, we love to learn. Whether it’s a new sector, a new social media update or a new development in web design, we love to get research and increase our knowledge, meaning we can be trusted as your brand guardians.

A Balanced Approach

Great marketing occurs when all inputs have been balanced effectively. We’re adept at recognising everything that’s at play within a brief, and finding solutions that create the harmony required.

Our People