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Present Works is an experienced marketing collective built to help you find and engage your audience.

We combine a pragmatic approach to marketing with a creative mindset to help you make smarter decisions that drive results.

By working with us you gain a true, independent partner, and access to a network of the best specialists to plan and deliver marketing activity that works.


It always pays to be like-minded. This is how the best work gets done for our clients.

Be pragmatic

Your marketing options are endless. A practical, considered and realistic approach is required to prioritise activity that is going to make a real difference.

Have independence

We are independent to the core. We are free of the shackles of big agencies, and can give you true consultative advice with the agility to make our response a reality.

Be connected

We believe fully in the power of the network. Marketing today needs more elements than ever before to function, and our network of talented specialists is key to our combined success.

Have integrity

We believe success is built on open, honest relationships. Our strong moral compass means we are truly your trusted partners, and can be relied upon to give unbiased advice.


We identify the right combination of services to achieve your goals. We work with clients to get the basics and the strategy right as a platform for growth, then prioritise the channels and campaigns that will drive attention, leads and sales.

Business Growth Strategy

To deliver a marketing plan that works for you, we need to understand your business objectives. We work with our clients to define achievable objectives, plan their growth and provide true strategic support.

We aim to truly understand who your clients are, how you can grow your activity with them and what type of clients you want to bring on board. We plan, prioritise and help you execute your growth strategy.

B2B Business Development

We are specialists in developing business for our clients, often acting as an in-house business development engine. We work with you to identify your prospects, target them with hook content and creative ideas to engage them and deliver leads to your business.

Our content-led approach engages with your leads, nurturing them to deliver your new business objectives. Our ‘Find and Seek’ model is central to our B2B business development process and is delivering real growth to our client base.

Website Optimisation

Having a fully-functioning website is key to digital success. We work with you to stress your existing site to identify opportunities to improve usability, technical makeup and visibility within search.

We conduct a thorough audit of your site, encapsulating SEO, CRO, UX and development best practices, to reveal improvements that will make a real difference to your digital performance today. This is accompanied by a long-term plan to monitor and improve your site inline with your business goals.

Web Development

While we’ll always look to improve what already exists in the first instance, sometimes a new website is the only answer. Our 3P’s (Plan, Produce, Publish) approach is tried and tested allowing us to deliver websites on time and to budget, based on data, not hunches.

Whether it's a creative holding page, one-page brochure site or a fully functional e-commerce site, we have the capability to deliver across a range of platforms and CMS preferences, thanks to our network of trusted specialists.

Brand Development

We’ve worked with many new and established businesses to help them ensure their brand is built to grow. From naming to logo development to full brand guidelines and rollout plan, we know what a good brand looks like and the steps you need to take to make it happen.

Our partners in the brand space can also help to provide the insight to underpin a brand development project, test options with focus groups and conduct thorough brand repositioning and anchoring projects.

Content Development

Our whole approach has intelligent, engaging content at its core. We prioritise channels and activity that will make an actual difference to your business, and make good ideas work harder by adapting and extending themes across formats and channels.

Our in-house team has vast experience across the full content process from ideation to amplification. We can develop and deliver robust strategies that will help improve your visibility, engage the right audiences, and re-energise your existing one.

Paid Media

We work with clients to examine their entire sales funnel, and understand the role paid media can play at every point along that journey and beyond. From PPC to display, from paid social to OOH, we have the team to create the perfect balance of activity to achieve your goals.

We ensure paid media doesn’t exist in silo, and understand the interplay between a user’s exposure to a PPC ad, a piece of PR coverage, experience on our client’s site and beyond.


We are firm advocates of the power of LinkedIn for brand awareness and lead generation activity. This will be the year LinkedIn will take off, and businesses of all sizes have an opportunity to harness the emerging power of the platform.

We use it to identify audiences, deliver direct campaigns and utilise its advertising capabilities on behalf of our clients. We are expert in using the range of facilities across this platform to deliver campaign activity and new business to our clients.

CRM Delivery

We have decade’s worth of in-depth knowledge of data driven CRM campaigns, covering a range of channels, platforms and capabilities. We work with our clients to produce tailored and effective CRM activity.

Our aim is to identify your potential audience, target them and engage with them through effective communications over time.

Creative Execution

All the strategy and insight in the world is useless if the execution of the resulting idea doesn’t hit the mark. Our creative agency background means we blend business smarts with award-winning ideas, giving us the confidence to know we can capitalise on any opportunity that comes our way.

Our in-house ideation, design and copywriting team can bring campaigns to life, whatever the channel, and can call upon our little black book of network partners to add specialist expertise when required.


A tailored process fits you better. We approach briefs with a goal-first mindset, then prioritise the channels and tactics that are most appropriate to aid your growth.


Analyse your current activity and goals and define your audience


Ensure the digital foundations are in place to deliver your objectives

Quick Wins

Design and deliver an achievable plan built to drive leads and revenue


Grow your business through a sustainable plan to convert existing leads and attract new ones


Why our clients chose us.


Thinking out loud...


Our in-house team are skilled, experienced professionals, with that unique knack of combining strategic thinking with a delivery mindset to get results.


We’ve found that the best specialists are no longer found in large, integrated agencies. They are lone wolves or running smaller, specialist studios. The model has changed.

That’s why we've built our business around a strong network of best-in-class specialists, on-hand to supercharge your marketing activity.

Contact us today to lay foundations for the sustained growth of your business.

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