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Written by Daisy Petley

Do bigger brands always know best?

When looking for inspiration, it’s easy to log onto LinkedIn and panic-scour your feed for ideas. However, are you really going to find effective, targeted content ideas just by copying what more established brands are doing with their far larger budgets and, let’s face it, bigger reputations?

Recreating an already popular piece of content, even if it’s wrapped up in your brand colours, will lack the punch it had first time around. Which begs the question, when it comes to choosing how to present your content, do bigger brands always know best?

Remember, you know your audience best

The ideas and styles you see appearing online are a result of understanding an audience – theirs, not yours. Big sudden changes to a visual style or logo can be detrimental, especially if your audience isn’t ready for it. Not everyone has the power to reduce their name to a single icon or letter (we’re looking at you, X).

You have experience from past campaigns and your own industry knowledge, so don’t underestimate the power of your own insights! 

Don’t try a one-size-fits-all approach

Directly lifting ideas from a different industry or sector may not go well. A creative concept isn’t always transferable or scalable to every audience, and in every context. Your audience is unique for a reason, because they choose to work with you. Don’t put them in the same box as everyone else.

Look inwards before you look outwards

You likely have a team with a wealth of untapped ideas at your disposal. Instead of trying to cut corners, why not put in a brainstorm with them? Sometimes the best ideas come from those who you least expect, or are the most quiet… 

And remember, not every idea needs to be finished before it’s started. Sometimes you need to get pen to paper before your vision starts to come to life.

Recognise the value of originality

It’s hard to do something new in marketing, but if you can do something genuinely innovative and original, it usually pays off and can go a long way. Original ideas stand out, regardless of who you are, and they aren’t always the ones that shout the loudest.

Do your own research

Rather than copying a bigger brand you find aspirational, why not do some wider research? Delving deeper into Google Trends and using social listening tools will help you gather a wider understanding of what’s working and for who, leaving you with the knowledge of where you might be better placed to stand out. 

I hope these thoughts have reassured you that sometimes, it’s more useful to trust your gut than roll with a trend. Bigger is not always better when it comes to content. By approaching your ideas with fresh eyes and the knowledge you have of your audience at the forefront, originality will follow.